Dee Cooper bio

Dee Cooper

MEd, MDiv, DMin

I provide playful invitations, transformational experiences, and healing adventures for the wild at heart.

I believe that within each of us lies the ability to deeply connect and communicate with animals.

It is not only our birthright but it is our divine mission to engage in these wild connections. We do so by opening our hearts, stepping into wild transformation, and being brave enough to play.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

A healing journey into my own wild heart

I’ve always had a deep connection with animals. From the time I was a small child I could sense and feel their complex emotions. Animals were naturally drawn to me, and I to them.

While this connection was always with me, in 2009 I had a profound healing that awakened me to my true life mission.

That year, I received a grant to travel around the world and engage with animals. Play and healing happen simultaneously with animals, and I wanted to understand how humans can learn from our wild counterparts.

For my very first trip, I took a group to Bimini, in the Bahamas, to swim with wild dolphins. As dolphins are known for having playful personalities and a willingness to engage with humans, this seemed like the perfect place to start my research.

As I swam, enjoying the warm, turquoise waters, I noticed that one dolphin in particular kept reaching out to me. Again and again, this one beautiful creature swam playfully into my space.

What is the lesson here? I silently asked the dolphin, opening myself to communication. As soon as I asked the question, the dolphin rolled over to expose her side to me. I saw that she was missing her right fin.

Her right fin. My right breast.

I have faced and survived breast cancer. Twice. This has left me stronger in many ways, yet it certainly hasn’t left me unscarred. And here was this dolphin. She was scarred, yet she survived. There was no sadness in this beautiful creature, no fear or regret. Only joy as she swam and played and continued living.

Deep healing. Deep joy. This work is needed.

For the rest of the year, I continued to lead groups on animal encounters animals throughout the world. From experiences with horses in Oregon, to lions in South Africa, to wolves right here in Colorado, the message remained the same. I watched time and again as people from all walks of life experienced profound awakening and deep healing in the presence of animals.

Adventures for the Wild at Heart

Adventures for the Wild at Heart is my soul exposed. It has been my life’s work, my deepest calling, to create this offering.

By allowing deep connections with wild animals into our experience, we transform and expand our capacity for compassion.

This work has far reaching consequences for all of us. It is our responsibility to take the reins of our own hearts, bring them into the light, and let our compassion shine forth.

Thus we begin to change the world.


Dee Cooper holds Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Divinity, as well as a Doctorate in Ministry. She is a licensed Clinical Marriage and Family therapist with over two decades experience, and is an ordained Presbyterian minister. Dee is also a certified coach through the Hendricks Institute, and has completed their advanced two-year Leadership and Transformation program.

Dee’s work is grounded in psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing. She draws on her broad spiritual background and decades of counseling and coaching experience to guide others as they encounter the wild love within both animals and themselves.

Dee is known for both her big energy and big heart. She brings a love of play to all all she does, and travels alongside her clients as they dive deep and soar high (figuratively and literally – she can scuba dive and mountain climb!).

Today, Dee holds a private coaching practice and leads individuals and groups on healing animal encounters throughout the world.

Contact Dee to learn more about Adventures for the Wild at Heart.