How wild is your heart?

female lion

Deeply engaging with the animal kingdom is an act of bravery. We’re invited to open our hearts and bear our souls to the animal allies we encounter.

Animals live in the present. No pretense, no judgement, no shame. They experience each moment fully. Joyfully. Playfully. Wildly.

When we meet an animal, we access our inner courage. We throw our hearts into the wild unknown, allow them to be broken wide open, and have faith we will emerge more whole than before.

Adventures for the Wild at Heart provides you with opportunities to deeply and directly engage with the animal kingdom.

Through guided adventures around the world, you will have the opportunity to experience playful invitations, transformational experiences, and heart-opening healing as you directly encounter your animal allies.

Adventures for the Spirit

mombushaWe provide animal encounters with the purpose of helping you to have deep, transformative experiences. While engaging with animals plays a key part in this, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing are also our focuses.

Our adventures range from simple day trips to customized international adventures. All are guided by Dee Cooper, licensed psychotherapist, spiritual leader, and animal intuitive. Learn more about Dee.

Dee begins every trip with instructions and activities to prepare you for your animal encounter. You’ll learn to communicate with animals by tuning into body sensations, sensing emotions, and learning to understand what arises.

Then you’ll play. Play is the first step to recovery for animals who have suffered, and often, it is our first step as well. Expect to let your guard down and tap into childlike expression as you engage in transformative play with the animals you encounter.

Throughout your animal adventure, you’ll have support as you interpret the larger implications of your experience, as Dee will draw from her psychological training and spiritual background to offer you healing, therapeutic guidance.

 An Invitation

This is an invitation to deepen your listening to the wisdom of the animal kingdom, to learn from the other species with whom we share this planet.

This is an invitation to take full responsibility for your own evolution on this planet, to look for creative ways to expand your experience of yourself and others.

This is an invitation to join an experience that reaches far beyond your trip and encounter, to emerge with a wild, open heart that ripples throughout your life.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Whatever animal experience you feel called to, we’re here for you. We have a variety of guided trips that you can join at any time, as well as personalized trips that you can customize to fit your time and budget.

Whatever your style, we’ll help you meet the animal of your dreams. Playful transformation awaits you!

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See if your dream encounter is on our list! And if it’s not, be sure to let us know. We’ll do what we can to create a new experience with your favorite animal.

Our Companies

We only work with companies, safari groups, and rescue organizations that truly respect and protect the welfare of animals.

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