“Dee introduced me to wolves in the Rocky Mountains and dolphins in the Caribbean. What I took away from those two amazing experiences is that we have so much to learn from our animal brethren about being human. Dee intuitively understands this and guides people toward deep connection with animals and the magic that exists in that space.”
-Dr Kathy. Kucsan, Integrity Arts

“I was blessed to be on one of Dee’s dolphins adventures. Had dolphin encounter when an old scarred mottled, skinned dolphin– held me nose to nose, eye to eye and soul to soul. When life beats me up I think about her and find strength for the day!!”
-Rev Dr Gretchen Hope Wilson

sarah wolfhalf-size

“In with the wolves I wanted to be connected with them and totally relaxed, I wasn’t I was scared and wasn’t really comfortable. I still went in first. The wolves connected with everyone but me and I felt sad, and I also just allowed that all to be okay. then at the very end the wolf came up to me and licked me all over my face. After we left Dee with her gentle powerful loving helped me see how the wolf was honoring me, not needing me to be anything but me – no doing or efforting required. I walked away with a huge experience of just being myself – even my reserved, quiet, scared self is enough- to receive big love – wolf licking face love! ”
-Sarah Carr, Culture Counts

“Visiting the wolves at the Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary was, for me, one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences which I will never forget. The informational tour opened my eyes to the plight of the wolves and the fragility of them sharing the world with humans. The time we had with the wolves after the tour, one-to-one in their habitat, was life-altering for me. I work with and love animals of all shapes and sizes, and there is something about these magnificent creatures, these wild beasts, that cracked my heart wide open.”
-Kelly Krueger, Animal Communicator, Articulate Animals

“Dee is the embodiment of adventure and ‘wild at heart’. Her wildness expresses through tender and fierce loving, and a warm courage that invites the exploration of the unknown to be a creative and enriching place. On any journey with Dee, the stories you return with will undoubtedly be bigger and better than any expectation you might have upon departure”
-Audrey A. Hazekamp, Integrative Life Coach and Game Changer, Tall Poppy Inc

Dr Marsha Manning Emmahalf-size“Three and a half years ago, I received a call from Dee Cooper asking if I wanted to participate in a trip that included climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro AND going on safari as well as petting lion cubs. How could I say no? Little did I know was that I was saying yes to one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Dee had planned the trip of a lifetime. The trip started with a visit to Ukutula Lodge in South Africa. By the next morning, I had baby formula dribbling on me as we fed the cubs (my cub chewed through the nipple and soaked my shirt!). Later that day, I nuzzled and bonded with a young female cheetah, Emma. While we were nose to nose, I saw her mouth open and come at my cheek. I wasn’t actually worried – I felt so content with her. She then gently put the edges of her mouth on my cheek – her way of getting to know my better. I will never forget that moment or that wonderful animal. I was ready to take her home! Kruger National Park was jaw dropping with the close up views of the lions, leopards, rhinos, hippos, and water buffalo. Mt. Kilimanjaro was spiritual. We bonded with an amazing group of young men (our guides, “stomach doctor”, and porters). I felt so well-cared for and like I had 15 new nephews by the end of our climb. At age 55, I summited that 19,300 foot mountain! Again, this was the trip of a lifetime!”
-Marsha M Manning, MD, Manning Health and Wellness Center

“By visiting the wolves, I connected in new ways with the vast reaches of my soul. The wolf’s openness and trust inspired me to tap into my own reservoirs of trust and, overall, the infinite power of my own willingness.”
-Anna H, Consciousness Explorer and Financial Services Worker

“Swimming with the dolphins was life transformative. To let go of species, and simply become one in wildlife and play. Spirit and heart connection with these incredible beings, illustrating the pro-found role of play in spirit. I remember my joy in the middle of a corkscrew of 5 dolphins spiraling with me – open hearts for each other, and complete delight. I am ever aware that Play is such a powerful way to connect with another Being. Moments of divinity woven through the entire trip. Dee’s capacity to hold space for this deep unfolding is part of the magic of the trip. Her connection to the dolphins is apparent, as is her recognition of the sacred.”
-Nicki Bridgland, Genius Connector, Player and Community Creator, Ottawa Canada