Custom Adventures

Customized experiences are truly one of our favorite offerings here at Adventures for the Wild at Heart.

We love working with small groups and individuals to create animal encounters that perfectly fit your needs and fill your hearts.

Possibilities are limitless.

No experience is too small or too big for us to create. Whether you’d like a private encounter with local wildlife or a multi-country animal extravaganza, we will work with you to create powerful experiences filled with transformation, healing, and joy.

More Than An Ordinary Vacation

kayleeAll of our custom adventures are designed to support your growth emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, through both animal encounters and inner work.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll receive coaching to help you open your heart and tap into your personal power. You’ll learn to open your senses to the animals you meet, interpret their reactions to you, and process all of the lessons that arise.

Not only will you complete your experience having some amazing stories and photographs, you’ll walk away with renewed sense of personal transformation, inner strength, and compassion for all.

How Our Custom Adventures Work

Your first step is to contact us! Together, we’ll have a conversation about your animal preferences, budget, schedule, and general needs.

Then we’ll work behind the scenes to organize encounters with wildlife centers. We carefully vet every animal center and only work with companies who truly have the animals’ best interest at heart. You’ll know that every animal experience you have will be for the good of yourself, the animals involved, and the local community.

We’ll also make reservations for all your accommodations, arrange transportation and meals, and organize any additional tourism activities you’d like!

Throughout the entire adventure, Dee will provide you with expert coaching for personal growth and specialized lessons to support your animal experiences.

What Your Custom Adventure Includes

  • giraffeeAll accommodation and transportation, all prearranged for you
  • Transformative play with your chosen animals
  • Special instruction in animal communication
  • Support in processing and unpacking your experience
  • Tourism activities, such as sightseeing, yoga, and more
  • Coaching sessions for personal growth
  • One-on-one or group facilitation, depending on your arrangements
  • Airfare, if decided upon ahead of time

The Benefits Of Customizing Your Own Trip

Meet the animal of your dreams.

Have you always wanted to encounter a sloth? How about sea otters? Or owls? Or Cheetahs? If you don’t see the animal you’d like to meet in of our group or local trips, let us know. Chances are, we’ll be able to create a unique experience just for you.

Combine multiple trips and animal encounters.

Instead of paying for two separate trips, you can combine our different offerings into one custom trip. You’ll get to have multiple animal experiences in one custom adventure.

Benefit from a private, small group.

Perhaps you feel drawn to have a solo adventure, or perhaps you’d like to create a bonding experience for your family. Our custom trips make these small, intimate experiences possible.

Add extra activities.

If you’re investing in an expensive, long flight overseas, you probably want to make the most of your time there. We’ll help you add day trips to historic towns, yoga or hiking excursions, culinary tours, or anything else to complete your dream trip.

Organize an encounter for a special group.

Do you have a scout troop, church group, women’s circle, or youth camp that would benefit from an animal encounter? We can customize trips for special groups, too.

Anna Huff

Example Adventures

We can create custom trips both locally and internationally. Want some help getting your creative juices flowing? Here are just a few custom trips we’ve led before:

  • Encountering lions, tigers, and bears and the local Wild Animal Sanctuary
  • Sea kayaking with wild seals and otters in Carmel, CA
  • Swimming with humpback whales as they birth newborns in the Dominican Republic
  • Spending a week at a lion rescue center in South Africa
  • Working with rescued cheetahs and enjoying safaris in the Kruger National Park
  • Spending time up close and personal with elephants and giraffes in Kenya

All of our custom adventures give you an opportunity to expand your understanding and connections with animals, to participate in their well-being, and to discover new resources within yourself.

Ready to customize your own adventure?
Contact us to learn more or get started!

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