Africa: Playful and Powerful


I watched a full grown lion with intrigue and respect. I found him to resemble the powerful Aslan of Narnia’s Chronicles. He was the wise, powerful, confident, mature one that captured my heart and was so powerful during the readings of CS Lewis’s narratives.

I watched with delight as this formidable male – I would offer one of the lead lions at Ukutula – reached up and started playing with the leaves. It was this tender, sweet, endearing moment to see this playful curiosity. What I noticed is it didn’t make me respect him any less, or seem less powerful. If anything indeed, I noticed my appreciation of his presence expanded profoundly.

I wondered what if we are unaware of others glances are actions of curiosity that we engage that would actually bring delight to others. I question the notion that leadership is all about power and image. And realize for myself it involves curiosity and an ability to play and explore.