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Africa: Playful and Powerful

I watched a full grown lion with intrigue and respect. I found him to resemble the powerful Aslan of Narnia’s Chronicles. He was the wise, powerful, confident, mature one that captured my heart and was so powerful during the readings of CS Lewis’s narratives. I watched with delight as this formidable male – I would offer […]

Africa: Peaceable Kingdom

At Ukutula, as we were walking around the different enclosures, we came upon a sight that made us look twice. In one enclosure, we saw a full grown male lion and two maturing Bengal tigers. We searched around to locate the fence that must be separating them and not able to believe or conceive that these […]

Africa: Come Play with Me

I continue to be engaged and curious about different species interactions with each other. This Jack Russell Terrier is Apple. Actually Apple 2; Apple 1 was lost to the resident crocodile. Apple is the alpha dog at the Ukutula Lion Park. He marches around with little or no awareness of these very large carnivores that are […]

Africa: Sounds of Silence?

Several of you have asked about the lions roaring through the night. I am posting a recording; hopefully you can hear the power of this many lions roaring at once. Recording:  Evernote 20110807 22_48_14 For some this might be frightening and yet I found it deeply reassuring and familiar. I know after living in New […]

Africa: White is a Sacred Color

Ukutula is known for their white lions. The University of Johannesburg is studying Ukutula‘s family of these amazing lions. They know this is not an albino but truly just a recessive gene that Rex, the lion at Ukutula, seems to have. We watched with amazement at these beautiful lions. One in particular, Bianca, caught my […]

Africa: Ukutula’s Smallest Residents

When we arrived, our first introduction was to the smallest of the residents at Ukutula. They were a pride of cubs that had been orphaned, and their adopted sister Kylie, who came into their family when it was seen her mother did not want to take care of a baby lion. They were only a few […]

Africa: A Place of Quiet

We arrived at Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge and were immediately aware of the power of this location. Ukutula was created to support and study lions and provide care and treatment for injured or orphan lions. The sign said Ukutula, “a place of quiet”. We learned this indeed was a sanctuary. And we learned quiet doesn’t […]