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COTH Guest in the Pulpit, Diane Prevary

Church of the Hills welcomes Rev. Diane Prevary, our guest preacher for the month of August. Her sermon series “Ascending the Mountain of God” will correspond to Pastor Dee’s trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Reverand Prevary will serve as Session moderator for the month of August as well. Following is a brief bio: Diane Prevary is a cradle-roll Presbyterian, […]

COTH Guest in the Pulpit, Les Avery

COTH is honored to have the Reverend Les Avery, Retired Pastor, preaching  July 17, 24, and 31st. Les will follow the theme “Descending Into Our Spiritual Depths” which corresponds to Pastor Dee Cooper’s current Sabbatical adventures in Carmel and Bimini. Join us at Church of the Hills for Pastor Avery’s teachings in July.      […]

Meet our Pastor-In-Residence, Laurie Furr-Vancini

Church of the Hills welcomes Laurie Furr-Vancini as our pastor-in-residence for the month of July. Laurie will be participating in worship, events of the life of the church, and will  truly be part of our church community. Laurie is a dear friend and comes highly recommended by Katie Robb (another minister in that presbytery and our former youth director). […]

COTH Guest in the Pulpit, Joelle Brummett Beller

COTH looks forward to welcoming Reverend Joelle Brummett Beller, Fuller Teaching Professor, who will be preaching  July 3rd and 10th. Pastor Joelle’s theme will be “Godly Play” which corresponds to Pastor Dee Cooper’s Sabbatical theme. Following is a brief bio for Pastor Brummett Beller: Joelle Brummett Beller is a Fuller Theological Seminary graduate and a PC(USA) minister. She has […]

COTH Guest in the Pulpit, Bill Calhoun

COTH welcomes our guest preacher, Rev. Bill Calhoun, to worship on June 26th. His topic “Sabbath and Sabbatical” will kick off our Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality as we explore topics directly related to Pastor Dee’s summer sabbatical. Following is a brief bio:     Bill Calhoun is a retired minister member of the […]

Pastor Dee’s Letter ~ Summer Preparations

Pastor Dee’s Letter, Echoes, May 2011 It’s May!!!  Hooray Hooray! I love this time of the year.  It is a time for emergence from winter!  We start seeing bulbs and crocus peak through the dry ground with color and life.  The days seem warmer and longer.  Snow is long gone for the season (we hope-rain is […]

Welcome, Heather Cameron!

Church of the Hills welcomes Heather Cameron, our 2011 Intern. Heather started March 1st and will be with us into the autumn. We look forward to hearing Heather share the Lord’s Word, assist with Christian Education, and be available for pastoral care this summer. Following is Heather’s bio: “I was born and raised in a small […]

A Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality

As printed in the March/April 2011 issue of Echoes: As our “Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality” approaches, we are pleased to announce the following guest preachers, their sermon themes, and how these themes relate to Dee’s sabbatical itinerary. Dates In the Pulpit Sermon Themes Pastor Dee’s Itinerary June 5 Pastor Dee Outdoor service   […]

Friday Features, February 25, 2011

The last quote we shared with you came from Ann Bolson, pastor of Wild Rose UCC. The following is from a member of that congregation: We [the congregation] did not have visiting or interim pastors during [Ann Bolson’s] sabbatical. We relied on our own ingenuity and creativity. We did some fun things such as taking […]