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Bend: Learnings

Some of you know my heart runs deep with care for animals and to feel their pain runs deep and sharp in my soul. I have learned just to avoid thinking about it, getting too close, or not seeing (movies, news that shows them suffering) their suffering. And yet without knowing it, by holding up […]

Bend: The Soul of a Horse

I found myself fascinated with their eyes, eyelashes, their ears, and their expressions. Truly these gentle giants have so much more wisdom to offer than what they can non-verbally articulate. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Some may question if horses, even animals, have souls. I know that I watch them […]

Bend: Sustenance and Refreshment

We fed the horses and provided them water while the staff was on retreat. Eric guided us to unload the hay bales and toss the flakes off for the horses to start munching. We also filled the stock tanks with water that provided such needed refreshment. It occurred to me that unlike the other animals […]

Bend: Power of A Herd

I learned that horses take care of each other. When they need to sleep, they literally sleep while another stands and watches over them. This provides a sense of safety to truly sleep and a dependence on each other. Horses also have been known, while one of the herd was recovering from a near death […]

Bend: Unconditional Love

After grooming Shamis, when she had indicated ‘okay I have gotten what I want,’ Keri instructed me to take her out to the grassy area. There she snacked on the sweet treat of green grass and leisure. Hanging with a horse is truly a gift. I then took her up and sprayed her with water […]

Bend: Shamis!

While I was looking over my photos from the trip, I noticed even the first day a young filly named Shamis had come to me often. She is a beautiful buckskin with a brownish red mane, tail and brunette socks. Shamis was tender, sweet, and a teacher. The day the staff was on retreat, Keri, […]

Bend: How the West Was Fun!

Soccer Ball – Well although I would consider all these horses do is play, there were very intentional times of creating play for the horses and children alike. The little interactions, the ranch games and hoedowns, are all surrounded with play. They also have a giant soccer ball that is placed in the arena. The […]

Bend: Running Free

After a long day of working with kids, the horses were given a special treat. Keri encouraged the staff to let the horses in the upper corral to be released into the large arena to run free. This was an amazing sight and experience. They were not tethered to anyone or anything, just able to […]

Bend: Respect

The horses at the ranch are not worked in the traditional cowboy style but more so in the horse whisperer approach. Recognizing that horses are deeply sensitive and these horses in particular have already suffered extensively, the ranch works with them in a respectful and gentle manner. They use a flag to visually signal to […]

Bend: Invitation

I am noticing this topic comes up often in my blogs relating to play. I believe there is such an importance in that invitation to play that it is the foundation to the quality of play that happens. At the ranch they take great care to allow the horses and the children to choose the […]