Africa: White is a Sacred Color


Ukutula is known for their white lions. The University of Johannesburg is studying Ukutula‘s family of these amazing lions. They know this is not an albino but truly just a recessive gene that Rex, the lion at Ukutula, seems to have.

We watched with amazement at these beautiful lions. One in particular, Bianca, caught my heart. She walked with us when we walked through the bush. Bianca is seen with her siblings. As she would pass by with that amazing energy, it was a moment I will never forget. It was Bianca’s power that later came to me on Kilimanjaro providing such inspiration and power in my own hiking.

With Native American Spirituality, a white animal holds special sacred power. We have seen a white deer/stag around my house a few years ago, white buffalo, and other animals. It was amazing being with so many lions, but to be in the presence of Bianca was a gift.