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Bimini: Embraced

At the first sighting, we lowered ourselves into the water with a pod of spotted Atlantic dolphins. As I started swimming I found myself going in a direction other than where they had directed us to go. Looking around for others, I found myself seeing images of six dolphins coming at me. They swam on […]

Bimini: Friends, Friends, Friends, and more Friends

I thought I would send along a few pics of the people of our human pod on this journey. We had people from the Czech Republic and Great Britain; there were Canadians, Germans, Dutch, South Africans, and several from the States. As we got to know each other and played with the dolphins together we became […]

Bimini: Healing

What can I say – I do believe there is healing that happens when one engages with these souls. I believe there is healing that happens when we allow whatever is to unfold and open ourselves up to unconditional love. I was touched so deeply at the trust of the dolphins of us. They came […]

Bimini: Dolphin Facts

A few other facts I learned: Mothers carry their babies for a year before giving birth. The babies stay with the mom for six years until they are independent. They feed the babies by the baby signaling to the mother that they are hungry. They do this by bumping her in the lower belly and she then releases […]

Bimini: Choosing Life

Dolphins are voluntary breathers. That means dolphins make a choice each time to breathe, unlike ourselves, as we breathe without thinking. There are stories of dolphins in captivity and their life span is shortened dramatically. Most live only two years. The man who trained Flipper experienced this with one of his beloved dolphins that worked in […]

Bimini: Mirrors

Amlas and Atmo and the staff of WildQuest spent significant time emphasizing that the dolphins indeed mirror to us our very selves. I heard this repeatedly and yet when I experienced it on a direct level I found myself astounded. The second day out we were with bottle nose dolphins. We were told we wouldn’t […]

Bimini: Openness

I believe there is genuinely an openness that is needed for spending time with the dolphins. A friend asked me “what caused you to be more open or receptive to these friends, say than another friend in town?” My response surprised me. We spent a significant amount of time reflecting on why we were here […]

Bimini: Living in the Moment

Getting lost in space and time – I found my time with the dolphins was mystical and magical. Although feeling tired on the boat, when they were spotted instantly the energy surge began. When swimming with them, I lost all sense of time, how long we had been in the water, or the time we […]

Bimini: Loving

Dolphins by nature are very affectionate. They are very tactile with each other, often swimming close and gathering information by touching. We observed them touching fins in what we nicknamed the flipper flap: two dolphins swimming together, flapping their pectoral fins against each other (think of a kid doing a “high fives” repeatedly with their […]

Bimini: Play

So far I would say the dolphins played directly more than any other specifies I have encountered. They play with seaweed, they play with bubbles or air rings, and they play with each other and with us. They swam circles around some of us underwater – literally looking like a dance it was so graceful, […]