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Summer 2011 Worship Schedule, update

As mentioned in a previous post, we will be welcoming guests to share our worship messages from the pulpit during our “Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality.”  We are excited to announce the Rev. Les Avery, Retired Pastor, St. James Presbyterian in Denver, as well as pastor for many other congregations, will be joining […]

Potluck Presentation, January 23, 2011

Thank you to all Church of the Hills elders, staff, members, and friends who joined us for the potluck lunch and Sabbatical informational presentation after worship on January 23, 2011. The food and attendance was excellent and the thoughtful questions were much appreciated.     After an introduction and prayer from team member Lee Stratton, Pastor Dee […]

Sabbatical Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wonder: “What is the Purpose of a Sabbatical?” or “What is the Lilly Endowment Grant?” or “Is $8,000 really enough to cover all the church expenses for the summer?” These questions and many others are answered in the Sabbatical Frequently Asked Questions document available in hard copy in the Narthex or by clicking […]

Summer 2011 Worship Schedule

 Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality    During our “Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality” we welcome guests in the pulpit to bring our worship messages. The summer worship schedule will be announced again when final. To date, however, we are thrilled to share the following visiting pastors and guests and their topics:    June […]