Dr. Kathy Kucsan

“Dee introduced me to wolves in the Rocky Mountains and dolphins in the Caribbean. What I took away from those two amazing experiences is that we have so much to learn from our animal brethren about being human. Dee intuitively understands this and guides people toward deep connection with animals and the magic that exists […]

Anna H.

“By visiting the wolves, I connected in new ways with the vast reaches of my soul. The wolf’s openness and trust inspired me to tap into my own reservoirs of trust and, overall, the infinite power of my own willingness.”

Marsha M Manning, MD, MBA

“While we were nose to nose, I saw her mouth open and come at my cheek.  I wasn’t actually worried – I felt so content with her.  She then gently put the edges of her mouth on my cheek – her way of getting to know my better!  I will never forget that moment or […]