Summer Series – Books, Movies, Activities


The following insert was in the bulletin for the March 27 and April 3 worship services. The insert can  be found in the Narthex.

Summer Series

Want to make this upcoming “sabbatical summer” a rewarding and enriching experience while Pastor Dee is on sabbatical? Consider participating in Summer Series – a selection of activities including book study group(s), movies, and field trips being organized by the COTH Sabbatical Team. All of these activities will relate to the theme of Pastor Dee’s sabbatical – Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality.  Kick-off for Summer Series will be in May, giving us a head start on our own Sabbatical experience!

Sunday Morning Study for May – Catch Your Breath, God’s Invitation to Sabbath Rest, by Don Postema. This book will explore how to experience a sabbatical in the true sense of the word. It will be offered as the adult Sunday morning study for the first four Sundays in May at 9 a.m. in the Youth Room. Everyone is welcome!

Evening Book Study Group – An evening book study group will be offered monthly using selections from Pastor Dee’s Sabbatical Theme reading list. Tentatively set for the 2nd Thurs of each month (May-Aug) this group will read a book (or selected parts thereof) each month and gather to discuss it. Participants will be invited to give input about the selections once we are underway, but books suggested by the team are:

May: Catch Your Breath, God’s Invitation to Sabbath Rest, by Don Postema  (Hosted by  Char Ray)

June:  Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, by Stuart Brown  (Hosted by Jill Hesser)

July: Hope Rising, by Kim Meeder  (Host to be determined)

Aug:  Selection & Host to be determined

Movie Nights in the COTH Theater will continue the 4th Friday of each month with selections for the summer relating to the sabbatical theme. Specific titles will be announced later. 

Field Trips – Plans in the making include a trip to the Wolf Sanctuary on May 14 (flyer on table in narthex) and a “peak” experience in August to coincide with Dee’s summit of Kilimanjaro. Stay tuned for further details regarding each trip. 
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To indicate interest in the Evening Book Study Group and receive more information about it, please fill out the form and place in offering plate, or contact Char Ray or Jill Hesser. No definite commitment is necessary in order to receive this information.

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