Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 2


Part 2 of Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ May 14, 2011

Love and Affection

When we sat down in the enclosure, the wolves immediately went for Lilly, showering her with love and kisses.  The guides had shared with us the protocol: if they love you, they are freely affectionate.  They will share their affection and love through kisses – and yes, if your mouth is open they will slip you the tongue.  Sounds gross but as someone who had to open her mouth for air and received this affectionate and intimate encounter it was quite lovely.  I am not a dog kisser myself; always aware of the question you don’t know where this mouth has been or eaten and yet this wolf’s breathe was as fresh as I had just brushed my teeth. 

I thought about us.  And how I believe we long to exchange and offer our love with such reckless abandon, with such release and connection, even to a stranger that we feel safe and comfortable.  And like ourselves, if rejected, we do not recover immediately.  We were told if you push the wolf away from such a gesture they take it very to heart and probably will not approach you the remainder of the time. 

I wondered how many walls and defenses we have created over the years from such rejections, and how play is so essential to lowering those walls, so truly we can delight and be present loving one another with no hesitations.  And even moreso, being open to God, taking to the core of our beings, that this divine love is always present, always inviting us to participate in such loving exchanges.

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