Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 4


Part 4 of Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ May 14, 2011

Humans Join in the Happy Chorus

As I mentioned in earlier posts, we were encircled by 20 plus wolves as our leader lead the howling experience.  We listened as she described the differences in tonal qualities and pitches.  As she began, each wolf and coyote stepped forward adding their voice to the pack chorus.  It was amazing, exhilarating, and awakening hearing the varying tones, cries, pitches, and variations in their calls.  And in sounding their voice, in stepping forward and adding theirs fully, they invited us to add ours to the mix. Here is a brief video of the howling chorus:  Wolf Sanctuary 5-11 011

This was playful and delightful, how many times have we spontaneously thrown our heads back without regard to anyone else’s response and just howled?  I was also mindful, these were not howls of warning or attack mode or threat of alert, but this was a chorus.  As each one added their sound to the larger howl, it grew in intensity and in power. 

Sometimes I wonder if we are hesitant to step up or to vocalize fully into all that we have been given. And yet in being small or minimizing of ourselves, the chorus would have been less effective.  When did we start wondering if it was okay for me to play or howl all out and fully, without worry of being left out?  In fact, in the very act itself, inviting others to step up and participate fully in their power too.  What if our playing meant no one was left out again, but we all were called to join in with the fullest expression of who we are?

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