Africa: A Place of Quiet


We arrived at Ukutula Lion Park and Lodge and were immediately aware of the power of this location. Ukutula was created to support and study lions and provide care and treatment for injured or orphan lions. The sign said Ukutula, “a place of quiet”. We learned this indeed was a sanctuary. And we learned quiet doesn’t necessarily mean silence.

Surrounded by more than 30 lions, we heard them during the night growling and roaring as if they were outside our doors. Initially we were heightened in our sensitivity to the sound, and by the end of the week, this verbal articulation between our friends and those lions outside the compound quickly became comforting and soothing.

My sojourners on this African leg of the journey were Patrice Henning, Gretchen Bretz, and Marsha Manning. As we wandered around the grounds we learned this was a very special place with remarkable lions and cheetahs and other animals that would transform our hearts and souls.