Bend: Power of A Herd


I learned that horses take care of each other. When they need to sleep, they literally sleep while another stands and watches over them. This provides a sense of safety to truly sleep and a dependence on each other. Horses also have been known, while one of the herd was recovering from a near death experience, to line up and each reach down to touch the ailing horse to extend love and care.

The emotions and personalities of the herd are evident in all their interactions. There were the draft horses who, by their very size, were in an alpha position. There was one pony who had the look of a unicorn. With a Mohawk hairdo and a personality that reminded us of Cyndi Lauper, she was delightful and fun. She was often making crazy faces and playing with the others.

They had their friends that they would hang with and their maternal or paternal figures from whom they sought affection and attention. They would get annoyed with each other or communicate ‘leave me alone’ when they needed space. And yet, they truly watch out for each other, love each other, and understand the power of us verses me.