Bend: Running Free


After a long day of working with kids, the horses were given a special treat. Keri encouraged the staff to let the horses in the upper corral to be released into the large arena to run free. This was an amazing sight and experience. They were not tethered to anyone or anything, just able to let go and run at full lope.

It was a delight to watch their sheer joy, their playfulness, and how their energy was contagious and combustible. As one would slow, another would step into leading the herd; they would regroup and run even more. It was also fun watching, after the time was over, three who were mischievous and maneuvering into not going back into the corral. One horse even grabbed a treat of poppies to eat and entertain. And the response of the staff with this behavior was laughter and giggles at the antics of the horses.

It occurred to me this opportunity provided for them a sense of going back to their origins and running free on this earth. How liberating and exhilarating to run with no restrictions. I wondered when we remove all the tethers we place on ourselves and just release and express with no restrictions:  what could happen?