Bend: The Worthless Property


Kim and Troy purchased the Ranch when it was viewed as useless cider dirt and rock property and transformed it over the years and through a lot of hard work and dedication into an amazing facility. They had a God given vision of what this property could be and held many jobs to subsidize the Ranch and the ministry.

After many years, this property that was truly deemed as worthless is now a gem with several arenas, paddocks, buildings and space to support the land and the ministry. There is a wonderful gift and a deep vision that one must have to look at something that the majority see as worthless and see its potential.

On a side note what Crystal Peaks does has been so affirmed they have hosted over 1500 guests at the ranch for a four-day workshop on how to do this where they live. It’s a wonderful statement on the loss of propriety and entitlement and the continued affirmation of there is enough to share!