Bimini: Abundance Exists in the Dolphin World


We had 20 people on our boat, plus the staff and crew. It would be quite easy to feel like there won’t be enough for me – and yet – there were more than enough dolphin encounters for everyone.

Dolphins live in a world where scarcity isn’t a known quantity. Community and abundance is how they survive. They are not lone dolphins having to survive and protect themselves but truly through their pod they help each other in diving for food, locating feeding points, even alerting one another to danger. Our pod members then added to theirs to play and swim in the waters together. As we were enveloped into their pod, again there was not a sense of scarcity but truly more than any one ocean could hold.

I wondered how often this thinking of “there won’t be enough” impacts our daily living and how we interact or invite others into our various communities and pods? And what if we just shifted that thinking to “there will be more than enough for us all” would change our world!

* Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest