Bimini: Embraced


At the first sighting, we lowered ourselves into the water with a pod of spotted Atlantic dolphins. As I started swimming I found myself going in a direction other than where they had directed us to go. Looking around for others, I found myself seeing images of six dolphins coming at me. They swam on either side, below touching close, and then as they passed me they stopped, communicating “come on let’s play; there is so much more of life worth living.”

The rest of the time I found myself often with dolphins in groups of three, loving their interactions with each other and with me. I haven’t sorted through and integrated it all and what it means. What I do know: I will return. My soul longs to spend time with these soulful creatures.

The one picture is me looking at the dolphins and wanting to memorize their images to my mind and heart so that I can bring forth this experience whenever I need to. And my heart is filled with appreciation that a Creator would provide such an amazing colleague in this world for us to share in wonder and delight.














Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest

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