Bimini: Healing


What can I say – I do believe there is healing that happens when one engages with these souls. I believe there is healing that happens when we allow whatever is to unfold and open ourselves up to unconditional love.

I was touched so deeply at the trust of the dolphins of us. They came close; they engaged with us, they brought their babies to play with us. This unconditional sense of love was apparent even as I heard the inner voices that can critique myself dissipate. I became so unaware of my size in a swimming suit. And to release those voices with either a lot of distraction or a whole lot of love to release. And yet, I soon forgot and was swept up in the moment of just being with them. I believe so deeply that play opens us up to the parts of ourselves that need healing. And the dolphins themselves invite us to be open so healing can come.

What needs to surface in your life for healing?

Video clip provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest