Bimini: Under the Sea


One of the side benefits of this time was we got to snorkel at some amazing reefs and see the corals and underwater life. I used to scuba dive and it’s been awhile. I was reminded of the extraordinary beauty that exists under this cover that we see only the surface of the ocean waters. The rich colors, the interesting life, and the graceful ease and flow of the life under the sea moving with the waters encouragement is so meditative and relaxing. We saw eels, stingrays, starfish, grouper fish, clown fish, and yes, sharks. The nurse sharks are not threatening; but they do swim with the spotted dolphins. Mostly they stayed on the bottom.

I was reminded how much of life exists out of our immediate visual awareness, and the gifts we receive when we look just below the surface to the depths both of the ocean and of others. What are we missing by not diving a bit deeper?














Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest