Carmel: Dr. Stuart Brown, continued

Stuart listened as each of us shared our thoughts and hopes of this time and the whole summer.  He shared the biological evidence, after extensive experimental work on rats, that play is indeed not something we learn or are conditioned, but truly a part of our DNA.  It is woven in our very genetic fiber.   
At the end of the day he and I had a brief moment where I could speak my appreciation of his time with us and his input and wisdom. He smiled and shared what I was doing was radical, cutting edge, and his hope that I keep him in the loop and informed. I asked if I could keep in touch to bounce ideas off of and glean in his wisdom – he smiled and said, “of course! And I want you to know that you are the expert, this is your work, very exciting, very radical.”  I feel we have made a connection and friend that will last a lifetime.