Carmel: Getting It Right

Patti and Dee ready for sea kayaking

As we set off to sea kayak, they gave us brief instruction on kayaking, paddling, and keeping the boats upright.  After spending a great deal of time on the water, we felt confident in our ability to not tip the boat over.  As we approached the shore, we were instructed to paddle as fast as we could to hit the shore and sand head-on and jump out of the boat.  Patti and I did just that although I owned later, I had a moment of doubt of being able to “jump” out of the boat.  After a back injury and sitting in this position for a long period I had no idea how I was going to get out of this position.  After we landed the boat, a wave quickly hit us turning us sideways and proceeded to dump us into the surf.  Patti and I were drenched and spent a great deal of time lying in the waves laughing.  It occurred to me that adventure and play isn’t always about getting it right – but enjoying the moment, whatever might come.

Patti and Dee

Dee and Patti after being turned over in the surf