The Travel Arrangements are Made!


Well, all the travel reservations are made.  All the flights are booked, the hotel reservations are in, the coordination with travel and events and activities are complete. 

Jill Nickels LaCroix,

This, to me, was an overwhelming part of the coordination of the summer excursions.  How to juggle the days in South Africa and make hut reservations in Kruger Park, while keeping the flights on time to Tanzania, responding to a variety of questions, and coordinating the payments and specific needs of such a diversity of travelers, etc, etc, etc.   

The person who made this all happen was our very own Jill Nickels LaCroix!  Yes, Jill, who many of you saw mature in this community of faith, who was a part of my call team here to COTH. She owns a wonderful travel agency, On the Edge Travel.  I know these travel plans put her to the test and believe me she was extraordinary!!  So hats off to Jill and check out her web page and travel agency if you have any travel needs.    Thanks so much Jill!!