What’s this I hear about a Sabbatical for Dee?


As printed in the December 2010 issue of Echoes:

You have probably heard some reference to Dee’s Sabbatical, scheduled for this coming summer 2011, and perhaps you have seen and heard ALL the information about this exciting time for Dee and our congregation. It’s easy to miss or forget some information here or there, however, and the Sabbatical Team wants to keep all members and friends of Church of the Hills informed as best we can.

We hope you will be a regular visitor, or better yet, we hope you will subscribe to “Dee’s Sabbatical Blog” and receive up-to-the-minute information with all the plans concerning Dee’s Sabbatical. You can access the blog at or click on the Sabbatical link on the COTH main web page.

Generally speaking, blogs are powerful information management systems for maintaining, archiving and delivering a variety of information about a particular subject. Currently on Dee’s Sabbatical blog, listed down the left and right side bars, you will see:

  • Dee’s reading list which is helping her prepare for her Sabbatical
  • a rolling list of informative quotes as gathered through interviews with pastors who have experienced a fulfilling Sabbatical in their pastoral career
  • links to informational sites and organizations which will help us to keep up with Dee’s travels and educational experiences
  • other various announcements and information

The center, or *main* section of the blog contains all the information which the Sabbatical Team has shared to date, including:

  • the full content of the letter mailed to all congregants last spring
  • previous Echoes articles relating to the Sabbatical
  • the Sabbatical Leave Policy as approved by Session last spring
  • instructions on how to subscribe to the blog for regular updates as new posts are published

The Sabbatical Team is committed to posting all information about the planning of Dee’s Sabbatical on the blog. For example, worship service plans and guest pastors will be announced in the coming months, and Dee’s full itinerary will be posted once her travel plans are finalized. As soon as the Sabbatical begins, Dee will use the blog as her means to update the congregation of her travels and experiences with photos. What better way to feel like we are participating with Dee as she renews and refreshes and prepares for her next years as our Pastor?

For all the current information on Dee’s Sabbatical and updates as we know of them, we hope you will utilize Dee’s Sabbatical blog regularly. For questions about Dee’s Sabbatical or the blog, contact one of the Sabbatical Team members as listed on the “Contact Information” button on the blog.