With Appreciation for Their Support

A big part of any successful project at Church of the Hills is the support given by individuals. Preparing for Dee’s sabbatical is no exception, and support and guidance has come in many forms and from many people.
There is much planning and preparation left to do and no doubt the list of people to thank will grow exponentially. For now, Dee thanks the following individuals for their unconditional support in giving advice, guidance, writing and editing of grant applications, and brainstorming all the wonderful possibilities for church growth during Dee’s time away next summer.
Sabbatical Team:
Rick Bailey
Char Ray
Jill Hesser
Kelly Krueger
Lee Stratton
Mark Whan
Additionally, thanks go to:
Carolyn Jones
Cathy Graves
Scott King
Shirley Cooper, Editor Extraordinaire
Worship Team
Personnel Team
Last but not least, Pastors and Elders:
Rev. Roche Vermaak
Rev. Stan Jewell
Rev. Bill Calhoun
Rev. Tom Sheffield
Rev. Russ Kane
Rev. Ann Bolson
Elder Karen Sheaffer-Murphy
More thank yous will be posted on the side bar of the Sabbatical Blog as tasks and projects related to Dee’s sabbatical evolve. Dee welcomes YOUR support and assistance in this exciting time!