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How to Subscribe

Now that you have visited the Church of the Hills blog, we encourage you to subscribe to the blog in order to receive the informational updates as they are posted. This way you won’t miss any of the valuable information regarding Dee’s sabbatical preparations. We anticipate 2-4 updates per month.

You may subscribe to the Sabbatical Blog in either of two ways:

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To subscribe either via email or reader, simply look for the “SUBSCRIBE” title on the right-side navigation bar. Once subscribed, you will begin receiving posts as they are published.

**Important: When subscribing for email updates, you will receive an email confirming your subscription and you MUST click on the link included in the email to finalize your subscription.

Macintosh users may prefer to subscribe to RSS feeds using the Macintosh Mail program:

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We look forward to communicating all relevant preparations for Dee’s sabbatical through the blog in the months to come. And we look forward to Dee being able to communicate her sabbatical adventures with the congregation through this same blog while she is away!