Peak Experience – COTH Hikers Enjoy Their Day


Church of the Hills hikers responded to the invitation for a “peak experience” on Saturday, August 20 to coincide with Pastor Dee’s summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Early arrivals: Don Anderson with Kira, Jim Leonard, Dick Blodgett, Jill Hesser, Oralie McAfee

COTH Hikers Enjoy Their Day

by Oralie McAfee; photos courtesy of Jill Hesser

It was a perfect day for hiking in Colorado’s mountains as Church of the Hills hikers gathered at the Stagecoach Trailhead for hiking Elk Meadow Open Space Park. The group bound for Bergen Peak had serious hiking ahead of them and started out at a serious pace. The Meadow View group set a less lofty goal and a slower pace. Both succeeded, and both enjoyed the deep shade of the big ponderosa pines as the sun got higher–and hotter.

Bergen Peakers: Don Anderson and Kira, Jill Hesser, Tom Fornwalt, Wendy and Ava Neuman

We thought and talked of how fortunate we are to live in the midst of such natural beauty and wonder: Goldenrod and gayfeather blooms succeeding spring flowers; swaths of ripening grass stretching across an open meadow; long views of more mountains and valleys as we climbed higher.

Meadow View Hikers: Oralie McAfee, Sue Brown, Susan Simon, Ruth Koons, Mary Richards, Jim Leonard, Dick Blodgett

There are usually no winners or losers in hiking, but Saturday there was a clear winner. Jim Leonard, impressive leg brace and all, completed the Meadow View hike, his first big venture after surgery.