Bend: Learnings


Some of you know my heart runs deep with care for animals and to feel their pain runs deep and sharp in my soul. I have learned just to avoid thinking about it, getting too close, or not seeing (movies, news that shows them suffering) their suffering. And yet without knowing it, by holding up that shield to protect myself from their pain, I was shielding out the love and profound connection they have to offer too.

I have realized in my journeys that when we avoid or protect what we let into our hearts, we also block and guard receiving all the wonderful things too. Part of this journey of play and connection has involved allowing myself to cry those huge crocodile tears at the mis-treatment of animals. And in releasing the sadness, and layers, there is a huge expansiveness that emerges to receive.

I am thankful to our Creator for not just creating this world with only humans; but with so many wonderful, beautiful, soulful, companions on this earth to share in love, connections, appreciations, and wisdom.