Bend: The Forgotten Children


The stories of Kim also reflect stories of children that are equally as inconceivable to comprehend. How could anyone hurt a child that way? How could a child survive such loss/tragedy?

These are children who have been forgotten, ignored, or so injured that indeed it was forgotten they were children, not objects for the expression of someone else’s desires/diseases. Again, there is a natural tendency to turn away from this pain and suffering wanting to shut it out and not think about it. And yet in facing into their stories and hearing their pain, one sees the power of their resilience and the miracle of love.

Kim has an amazing ability to discern through the personas, the defenses, the masks these kids have put on to protect themselves, and see what is the deeper wound, the deeper need in their heart. She matches the child with a horse that has a similar story. And thus the relationships and healing begin. This unconditional love and presence of a horse, provides more that one can imagine.

As the children bond with the horses and realize they too struggled through their life and they can love me and I can love them. When that child shows up on the ranch and the horse steps out to say hi, they truly are not forgotten and love begins to bloom.