Bend: At the Intersection of Miracles


The intersection of these three groupings (worthless property, disposable horses, and forgotten children), blended with love, provides healing on so many levels. It truly is an amazing equation. It is not one that is haphazardly thrown together but with great intention and bathed in prayer. It is not always guarantee for healing.

The numbers of children they work with and the numbers of horses they rescue and the healing power of these relationships are overwhelming. The children come from the area so an ongoing relationship is established with them. They come every week or every other week for about 90 minutes of time with the horses. It involves riding skills, grooming, mucking, chores at the ranch, and interaction with the horses and staff.

During their session, the ratio is one horse, one child, and one leader. They are given an hour of undivided attention and love with a horse of their own and a leader who is astute to pay attention to what might be surfacing in this time.

I still well up with tears thinking about how each of these tender pieces of God’s creation could be brought together to provide each other the possibility of healing, and yet they do. Land that is seen and developed into a valuable property, horses that are rescued and raised to a level of life time commitment of love and care and children who are seen, heard, loved and always remembered is the outcome of such an amazing intersection.