Bend: Invitation


I am noticing this topic comes up often in my blogs relating to play. I believe there is such an importance in that invitation to play that it is the foundation to the quality of play that happens.

At the ranch they take great care to allow the horses and the children to choose the time and manner they decide to be with each other. They often will pay close attention to the horse and child who are drawn to each other and place value on this intuitive and non-verbal communication. They do not force the horses to work with a child but allow, through the use of a round corral, the horse the choice of coming closer during the work, and the children get to state their concerns and boundaries to how close they get to be with the horses too. This mutual invitation and communication of comfort and wants provides for a time that is respectful of both child and horse, and it involves taking a risk to place out there, ‘this is what I want.’

How many times do we withhold stating what we want out of a fear that it will fall on deaf ears, or it is not possible? And yet I believe when we take that risk of putting our wants on the table, or in the corral, we are also opening the door for the potential of it truly coming to fruition. What is it you want and are afraid to ask?