Bend: The Soul of a Horse


I found myself fascinated with their eyes, eyelashes, their ears, and their expressions. Truly these gentle giants have so much more wisdom to offer than what they can non-verbally articulate.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Some may question if horses, even animals, have souls. I know that I watch them praising the Creator with delight, weeping and grieving in sorrow and loss, dancing and playing with delight, and embracing and caring with love, and engaging and embracing life. I guess it raises the question what is a soul?

Just sitting with one and looking in their eyes, one sees the story of pain, one sees the story of joy, the story of love, and the stories of life.

I am mindful of our Native American sisters and brothers who for generations have known this connection and imparted wisdom. I wonder how often we stop to notice the non-verbal communications that this world has to teach us? I wonder when was the last time you looked into an animal’s eye, open to receive whatever they were communicating? And what did you see?