Bend: Welcome to the Ranch


Crystal Peaks Ranch is owned by Kim and Troy Meeder. They have several staff and a multitude of amazing volunteers. The moment your boot steps onto the ranch, there is a warm greeting and a hospitable extension from staff and horses alike. It is a bright, happy, beautiful ranch with surprises tucked away in every corner! There is an order in keeping track of the saddles, bridles, and all the gear. There is also a structure on the ranch that provides a sense of consistency and safety for both horses and children. I smile as Presbyterians are known for their structure and order. And yes it can go into overdrive and into a sense of control. But when it is healthily created, it also offers a freedom to then have and honor the space and safety it can create. And it’s in that space that the unknown and unexpected can happen.

The ethos of the ranch is apparent and reflects the intentionality of Kim and Troy in their vision, that every creature is treated with respect and love. “And if they are open to the author of Divine Love, then that is the greatest blessing.” They reflect the love of God and the love of God’s creation in all they do.

As people of faith, we say a lot of words about what we believe. If we couldn’t use words, would those beliefs be reflected in our actions?   

Kim Meeder

Troy Meeder