Bimini: Communication


Dolphins have a variety of ways they communicate with each other and with humans. Many of us, when we think of dolphin sounds, hear the laughter that Flipper often projected in the television show. They more often use clicks or clicking to share or say hello.

They are astute at sonar – they send signals from the tops of their beaks out to sense what is there. This sonar hits an object or person and bounces back information that they translate though their teeth. They receive information like a sonogram. When they send this out for humans, they see our skeleton, heart, lungs and major organs. They are particularly interested when a pregnant woman enters the waters, as they sense two of all the major organs.

This sonar is a high pitched frequency, that when I heard it I found it to resonate deeply into my own heart, belly and forehead. It isn’t annoying like a high pitch buzz on a light fixture; but truly is satisfying and reassuringly compassionate. There were times we could not see the dolphins but would hear this sonar going off and again my heart would light up looking for where they were coming from, and then I would see that face coming at me with delight.

Much research has been done on dolphins and their telepathic abilities. I still can hear this sound in my heart and smile. I am amazed at the various ways they communicate beyond just vocalizing.

What are alternative ways we communicate? How do we restrict ourselves to just the written word or to vocalizing?


Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest