Bimini: Invitation


Once in the waters the dolphins would truly choose when they surfaced to come toward individuals. As they caught your eye, they would turn and truly look over their shoulder sometimes even slowing, saying ‘do you want to play?’

This photo is your pastor swimming with them!

There is truly an invitation by these soulful creatures that is quite delightful. Sometimes they were there inviting and we were not aware they were right there. As I swam with them I found they would not just swim straight lines, but make curves and s’s in the water, sometimes turning upside down, turning their belly toward me, and other times going up and down in the water – above me and below me. As I took these as cues to mimic they seemed to be delighted that I was accepting the invitation to swim with them and to play.

What are the ways you invite others to play with you? When they say ‘no’ how do you feel? And when they say ‘yes’ how do you feel? (The above photo is your pastor swimming with them!)

Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest