Bimini: Loving


Dolphins by nature are very affectionate. They are very tactile with each other, often swimming close and gathering information by touching. We observed them touching fins in what we nicknamed the flipper flap: two dolphins swimming together, flapping their pectoral fins against each other (think of a kid doing a “high fives” repeatedly with their buddy). They do this as they are swimming as a demonstration of affection.

They also hold fins, literally as we would hold hands. They are lovers and not selective on with whom or when. They are comfortable in their sexuality.

We saw an amazing number of mommas and their babies. It was amazing seeing the love and care they provided their young.

They get worked up swimming or playing and their bellies turn red, just like our cheeks do when we get embarrassed. They also get scared. While swimming, we were instructed not to use our arms as they intimidate the dolphins.

Although ah so tempting, we were instructed to not reach out and touch as that was a sign of aggression. They have teeth marks from biting each other and from their predators, sharks.

They don’t have a pecking order or hierarchical chain, they just live and swim and eat and play and love. The sweetness of their life is like an elixir from heaven.   This video is amazing and at the end you will see them flapping each other tenderly.


Photos and video clip provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest