Bimini: Living in the Moment


Getting lost in space and time – I found my time with the dolphins was mystical and magical. Although feeling tired on the boat, when they were spotted instantly the energy surge began. When swimming with them, I lost all sense of time, how long we had been in the water, or the time we were with them. It truly was a quality of letting go of what could be, of what wasn’t happening, of engaging in what is. This was true of both time in the water and island time.

I have to say, as we discovered there was no Internet and no cell phone coverage there was a releasing of staying connected and a relaxing into what is. It became very easy to settle into island time. Truly there is no sense of what time it is and it really doesn’t matter. One eats when they are hungry, sleeps when they are tired, and plays when their hearts want to.

How much are we driven by the cycles established by work and culture verses internal sensing and noticings?








Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest