Bimini: Mirrors


Amlas and Atmo and the staff of WildQuest spent significant time emphasizing that the dolphins indeed mirror to us our very selves. I heard this repeatedly and yet when I experienced it on a direct level I found myself astounded.

The second day out we were with bottle nose dolphins. We were told we wouldn’t see many of these as they are not as engaging as spotted dolphins and thus less visible. Seems we saw more than they had for a long time. I was swimming with one and she would go down to feed and then come up to find me and we played some more. I would swim off to observe others and turn and find her staring at me seemingly saying ‘are we not playing some more?’ We did this exchange 4-5 times. As we swam, she turned over to show me her right pectoral fin. It wasn’t there. It was a muscle flap loosely moving in the water. I didn’t know if the fin was removed by a shark or if she was born this way. I could identify because as of my various 11 surgeries all but one have been on my right side. I do carry a bit of a wondering about my right side as damaged and not quite right – and yet here she was swimming with as much agility as the next dolphins. Her lacking of this fin had not slowed her down and I felt reminded of the same. I felt she mirrored to me “do not let the differences in our bodies define or limit what you can do.”

I wonder how often people’s actions toward us indeed are mirroring what we feel or believe about ourselves? And how we use that information provided for us?

This link is a little long but oh so powerful. Enjoy!!

Video provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest