Bimini: Openness


I believe there is genuinely an openness that is needed for spending time with the dolphins. A friend asked me “what caused you to be more open or receptive to these friends, say than another friend in town?” My response surprised me. We spent a significant amount of time reflecting on why we were here with the dolphins at this time, we also did a lot of breath work, and I can say for most of us this had been something our hearts had been anticipating all our lives. Also we were open to get to know others on our journey. I was touched deeply by their stories, their insights, and their humor. I think our human pod was exceptionally close as we encountered our dolphins together.

I am curious how much our own openness to the potential of connection with others directly impacts the level of connection we feel?

Margit, Caroline, Terri, and Sondra





Susanna and her mom Monika









Terri playing on the bow






Susanna and Tara (staff)



Photos provided with permission from Atmoji @ WildQuest