Carmel: Boundaries

There are several protective rules for sea kayaking and the water mammals.  For instance, there are very stiff fines if one gets too close to them or annoys them.  The indicator of this is how the otter or seal reacts.  The otter, typically floating on their backs, will sit up in the water with head looking over at the person on the boat as if to warn “you are too close.” 

Sea Otter Prayer

I love how the  factor of what is too close is up to the animals to determine, not what we think is too close. 

It made me think of our own boundaries; when we think others are in our space and how that is up to us to make that call or alert.  It involves us being 100% responsible for ourselves, our needs, and our wants.  Play involves boundaries, even with the closest of friends – space to know what is my comfort zone and where I feel comfortable inviting others in.