Carmel: Motherly Love

Otter love

In the Otter world, older mothers are considered the best mothers.  The younger mothers are still learning and have difficulty protecting and providing for their young.  The older they are the higher the baby’s survival rate.  If an Otter is over 11 years old, there is almost 100% survival rate of the young.

What a reversal from our human perspective. I loved this picture as it captures the mother’s protective embrace, while the baby explores and takes in all the discovery with eyes wide open.  I think play involves this approach of life with curiosity and discovery, while being held in the protection of love.


3 Responses to “Carmel: Motherly Love”

  1. Just want you to know how I look forward to your postings, Dee, and how meaningful for my life your short comments and introspections are! Loved the pictures of you and the rest of the ladies “playing” and kayaking…I think you are having WAY TOO MUCH FUN! I am happy for you and ever so envious!

    Personally, I have not “played” much in my life…I kind of knew that but your experiences are underscoring the need and the importance to make time for it AND have made me realize how terribly I am missing the previously creative times of my life.

    I want you also to know what great fun David and I (and his daughter, Anne) had on the trip to the wolf sanctuary. You know, we would never have stopped and taken the time to do something like that if it had not been for your sabbatical! We’ve shown the photos to family and friends and encouraged them to go…and some already have. Thanks to you and the sabbatical team for “kickstarting” me and introducing some playfulness into my life!!!! Blessings to you as you continue your journey. . .
    Judy F

  2. The “otter love” picture is priceless! Thank you for sharing that and the other pictures with us. It looks as though this trip is full of play and it makes me wish I was there too.

  3. dear Jean and Judy- thanks- yes it has been a lot of fun and adventures–I miss you and hope you are doing well