Comments from the Carmel Posts


There have been some wonderful comments left on the Sabbatical Blog in the past month. In case you missed them, here are the highlights:

Jean commented on the Motherly Love post: The “otter love” picture is priceless! Thank you for sharing that and the other pictures with us. It looks as though this trip is full of play and it makes me wish I was there too.

On the Pastor Joelle Brummett Beller page, Kelly said: … The June 26th worship service was fantastic with our first visiting pastor, Rev. Bill Calhoun, talking about the origin and benefit of Sabbath and sabbatical. The attendance was high and the special music was awesome. …  Thanks for arranging such a wonderful line-up for us this summer, Dee! 

Judy remarked, in part, on the Motherly Love post: … Personally, I have not “played” much in my life…I kind of knew that but your experiences are underscoring the need and the importance to make time for it AND have made me realize how terribly I am missing the previously creative times of my life.

Vicki says (on the Power of Kelp post): … What a blessing that you are finding some God given ways to rest and enjoy all that is surrounding you! Your message, and the sermon yesterday, are a reminder to the rest of us to realize the moments God is putting in front of us to welcome us to slow down, relax and soak up the splendor of this world he has given us! 

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