Paying Attention (New Mexico)


I spent some time (June 23-27) in New Mexico at Eagle’s Nest. The smokes from Los Alamos were very apparent and visible.

Along my drive to this large lake, I realized there is a part of the drive I typically zone out. It is what I would describe as desolate, dry, barren land. After turning right at Raton, it is the 1.5 hour drive until I reach Cimarron Canyon and the mountains. This time was a bit different. Instead of putting in a good CD and singing and driving faster to get through this space, something caught my eye. A flash of  white tail along the road. As I slowed down and grabbed for my camera I realized it was antelope, herds of them along the road.







Now having my attention, I was driving much slower with my eye carefully watching the horizon and all this grand space and then I saw buffalo!!


I knew there needed to be deer around to make the Home on the Range song complete. I didn’t see any, but I wondered how many times I have driven on this road or similar ones, and missed these blessings along the way?