Dee’s Words – What “Play” Means To Me


I have had many of you affirm:

“Dee a summer of play…. well of course–that is what Dee does best!” 

“That is what we know of Dee–That is her genius, her playfulness.”

Dee's Henna tattoo "playful"

These comments bring a smile to my face.  I find that I want to say “play is so much more than just being silly or childish.  Play is a very serious commitment.”  What I have noticed is that in preparing for a summer of play, I didn’t ignore or minimize the serious encounters of life. If anything, I paid more attention to them. 

In these past few months I have found my own personal explorations of:  going through the death of a friend, asking questions of what does it mean to live life fully, noticing some sadness over old losses, and  dealing with the daily issues that surface.  But because of my commitment to play, which involves the dual purpose of being open to life and lowering my guard, this all came to the forefront of my own living. I realized that to be open to play and delighting with the Divine and dear friends, I had lowered my defenses, which means all that is within – the laughter and tears – surfaces for healing and light and love. 

So as I begin this  adventure, I guess would offer my first learning is this: that as I open myself up to play, as we open ourselves up to each other and to the Divine, it is a very serious commitment, and it takes courage. So be sure to bring your lion heart with you!