Out of Place? (New Mexico)


While in Eagle’s Nest, there was a flock of Pelicans that had made a pit stop on a sandbar on the Lake. While fishing, we were distracted and not paying as close attention to how close to the sand bar we had come. The birds smiled, posed, and seemed comfortable that we had entered their territory. I think they were as curious as we were…hmmmm

The next time someone enters your domain that is unfamiliar, maybe they are a new playmate?







3 Responses to “Out of Place? (New Mexico)”

  1. Hi Dee,

    It is so much fun to see your interaction with the different animals!

    It seems that you’re having alot of time for much needed rest and reflection. I noticed you’re off to Bend soon! Have a wonderful time!

    We miss you,


  2. Wow love the pictures

  3. @ Tina- yes I will think of you and Steve in Oregon–and having a great–GREAT time with the animals they are amazing- look for the Bimini and dolphins coming soon!! @ Lin- thanks it means a lot from you dear one!