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Book Studies & Movies Offered by the Sabbatical Team

    ECHOES    Inspire . . . Inform . . . Invite   As printed in the May 2011 issue of Echoes:  Book studies and movies will be two ways – in addition to field trips (see separate article about the trips) – that the Sabbatical Team hopes to involve the congregation in our own […]

Children’s Books Added to the Reading List

As we prepare for this Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality there are additional books in the COTH library for those younger at heart. Dee has shared her reading list with us, and these are for those younger readers who want to share in the adventure. Parents, please check out for yourselves or your children […]

Welcome, Heather Cameron!

Church of the Hills welcomes Heather Cameron, our 2011 Intern. Heather started March 1st and will be with us into the autumn. We look forward to hearing Heather share the Lord’s Word, assist with Christian Education, and be available for pastoral care this summer. Following is Heather’s bio: “I was born and raised in a small […]

Sharing Wonderful Animal Stories

Dee says, “I am starting to get several emails from members about the animal human connections.  I wish there was some way we could log or keep these or have them where others could see them too.”  And so, as possible, we will be logging the wonderful animal stories received by Dee as she prepares for our […]

More Books…

Dee has added more books to her reading list in preparation for the Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality. A full list of reading materials is always available on the left side-bar of this blog. Caroline Knapp  Pack of  Two Katrina Kittle  The Blessings of the Animals  Ralph Helfer  Zamba Jonathan Balcombe  Second Nature […]

Friday Features, March 11, 2011

THE SABBATICAL TEAM hopes to enhance the congregation’s own sabbatical experiences during the time Pastor Dee is on sabbatical. One such opportunity will be a study to deepen our understanding of the true meaning of Sabbath (the word Sabbatical actually means Sabbath).  This study will be offered during the month of May on Sunday mornings, […]

A Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality

As printed in the March/April 2011 issue of Echoes: As our “Summer of Exploring Creative Play and Spirituality” approaches, we are pleased to announce the following guest preachers, their sermon themes, and how these themes relate to Dee’s sabbatical itinerary. Dates In the Pulpit Sermon Themes Pastor Dee’s Itinerary June 5 Pastor Dee Outdoor service   […]

Sabbatical Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wonder: “What is the Purpose of a Sabbatical?” or “What is the Lilly Endowment Grant?” or “Is $8,000 really enough to cover all the church expenses for the summer?” These questions and many others are answered in the Sabbatical Frequently Asked Questions document available in hard copy in the Narthex or by clicking […]

Sabbatical Potluck, January 23, 2011

As printed in the January 2011 issue of Echoes: Please come to the congregational potluck lunch Sunday, January 23rd, right after church in the Fellowship Hall.  A-H: Side dishes I-Q: Desserts R-Z: Main dishes Dee and the Sabbatical team will give a short presentation on Dee’s Sabbatical theme and will be available to answer all your […]

Lilly Endowment “Clergy Renewal Program” Grant

Pastor Dee and the Sabbatical team submitted a grant proposal in June, 2010 to the Lilly Foundation under the “Clergy Renewal Program.” If awarded, the grant will fund Dee’s Sabbatical scheduled for the summer of 2011. Sabbatical and Personnel team member, Rick Bailey, joyfully announced a full award of $49,353 from the Lilly Endowment during Worship Service on […]