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What’s this I hear about a Sabbatical for Dee?

As printed in the December 2010 issue of Echoes: You have probably heard some reference to Dee’s Sabbatical, scheduled for this coming summer 2011, and perhaps you have seen and heard ALL the information about this exciting time for Dee and our congregation. It’s easy to miss or forget some information here or there, however, and […]

Dee Updates Her Reading List

Dee has added the following books to her Sabbatical preparation reading list: Kim Meeder  Hope Rising and  Blind Hope Garth Stein   The Art of Racing in the Rain Temple Grandin   Animals in Translation Gary Kurz   Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates Pam Houston  Sight Hound You can check out these books from the Church […]

Subscribe to this Sabbatical Blog

How to Subscribe Now that you have visited the Church of the Hills blog, we encourage you to subscribe to the blog in order to receive the informational updates as they are posted. This way you won’t miss any of the valuable information regarding Dee’s sabbatical preparations. We anticipate 2-4 updates per month. You may subscribe to […]

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions About Dee’s Sabbatical?

The Sabbatical Team is working to keep you up-to-date with information as the preparations for Dee’s sabbatical (Summer 2011) continues. Even so, you may have a question about Dee’s sabbatical, how to help with the preparations, the status of grant applications, how the church will function during the sabbatical time, etc. We encourage you to ask […]

Interesting Resources for Dee’s Sabbatical Preparations

Dee has identified many wonderful informational and educational resources to help her prepare for her sabbatical time. Along with Dee’s reading list, several web links are available on the sidebar for you to review and more will be added as they are identified. Sabbatical Adventure and Resource Links Adventures by the Sea, Monterey CA Climb […]

Dee’s Reading List for Sabbatical Preparation

In preparation for her sabbatical, Dee has gathered and is reading several books based on her theme of play. These books will be in the Church Resource Room as Dee finishes them, and she invites you to read and prepare with her for her exciting and reflective sabbatical time. Dee’s reading list will be available on […]